Saturday, November 14, 2009

Information Offerings #58 - The Launch Coach

Super tagline - "I get more people to buy what you're selling"

This excellent site is run by Dave Navarro. Who is a product launch coach and internet marketing consultant.

Quote of Dave Navarro "Many of the chances you will take will lead to failure. Not Some. Many."

I came across him by accident. The first blog I read of his was "7 steps to playing a much bigger game (with free workbook)" This article got me thinking and back into the game. He pulls no punches and tells you what to do. First by shredding all your excuses into little bits of trash. Then showing you what to do.

His first step (Rule) Accept the fact that you will have to stretch( And that the pain will be worth it.) No touchy feeler here, just a slap on the back of the head to get your attention. If you want to play in the game, and go against the big boys, you going to work. ( but the rewards are worth it.)

If you want to succeed, here is a push for you. He will show you the way but you still need to do the work. So go to The Launch Coach at and get your butt kicked.

My butt is back into the game,
Chick J

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