Saturday, May 30, 2009

Information Offerings #46 - All Biz Answers

"Smart business advice" Sometimes I come across a site that feels like it has been around for along time. Bradford Shimp's All Biz Answers feels like that but really it is pretty new.

His advice is welcome and useful. From the The Absolute Importance of Routine to The Three Selling Propositions.

At this moment he is giving 7 Free Reports on Social Media for Business at Each one is worth getting but seven is incredible. go and get sound sound advice.

Learning all the time,
Chick J

Friday, May 29, 2009

3 things I Look for in a Blog to Review

1. Tagline! It is the first thing that catches my eyes. If it is interesting, catchly, different I will check it out.

2. An Offering! Which is a gift, freebie, sample, a taste.

3. Content! I have to want to read it. If it is boring, I am out of there.

Notice I don't care about designs, videos, or tweets.

Looking for reviews,
Chick J

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Information Offerings #45 - Ark Animals Answers

"Wild and Domestic Animal Behavior, Animals Careers, and Animal Training for Modern Times"

Ever want to know how to train animals? Like a Marsai Giraffe? A Orangutan? How about a Sea Lion? This isn't an ordinary animal blog. This is for the people who love wild life, really wild life.

Diana L. Guerrero loves animals. ( And she does have training for dogs, cats, etc.) She also has training for humans, too. Like how to become Zoo Keeper, or Pet Acupuncturist ( I wonder if this includes porcupines, too?)

If you are interested in a career of animal care, please check out Ms. Guerrero at You will get a guide Disaster Preparedness for Pets.

An Animal lover,
Chick J

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Information Offerings #44 - Quirky San Francisco

" Come on, do something different this time!" Cried Randy S of Quirky San Francisco.

I am East coast person. I have travel the whole eastern coast of the United States. I plan in the future to visit the west coast. ( I am dying to see a redwood. Think about it, a 300 foot tree!) But after reading Quirky San Francisco, my next stop will be there.

I have seen the sights of New York by the book and enjoyed it. but I have seen and love Boston more. Because I got to see the sights, sounds, and food that aren't on any major brochures. A few locals gave me that true Boston tour.

Now hearing about the drumming Cougar Cadets, Mr. Clarinet, coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee, and many other unusual events. This is what visiting is all about.

And if you are into bicycling, get his free e-book Bike the Bay in 1/2 a day- your way. A step by step guide to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just go to

A trip in the future,
Chick J

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Information Offerings #43 - Franklin Bishop

"Blog Junkie, Social Media Obesser, and Twitter Enthusiast"

If you came across the name Frank Bishop, you might think his blog is just about him. But once you see his tagline, you want to know more.

And glad I did. His articles on RSS Feed, improving your numbers are well done and most importantly helpful.

He has a ebook call "Blogging School" which he gives away free to people who ask. It is really a university. Many courses are given, just select the ones you need.

So if you want to go to school of blog, head over and visit Franklin Bishop at

Going to be an A student,
Chick J

Friday, May 22, 2009

Information Offerings #42 - Live Unstoppable

In the world of personal development and positive thinking , I have tried and subscribe to many. You can never get too much positive thinking or improving your self.

Cynthia Kersey's is one of the newest ones around and I highly recommend her. Her lessons on purpose, passion, belief, preparation are well done and inspiring.

Sign up NOW to Get FREE Unstoppable Lessons at

Always Improving,
Chick J

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Information Offerings #41 - The Simple Dollar

" Financial talk for the rest of us." As normal I love a good tagline. And this one talks to me. The creator of this blog/website is Trent Hamm. Like a lot of us he has been down the "road to financial Armageddon".

He tells how he got there and how he turn around. He has a series of articles called 31 days to fix your finances. I have started it and looks what i need.

He also has written an excellent ebook called " Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Fiance On Just One Page". It is really longer then one page. But when you read it, it does make a lot of sense. And he is giving it for free. You don't even have to sub to his blog. Although I really recommend it. Come on and try it, it is only one page. : - }

Your Internet Finder,
Chick J

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Information Offerings #40 - Inbound Marketing Journal

I found the best handbook on what marketing , strategy planning, SEO, use of Social media, even a daily routine for blogging for you business. In simple, easy to read terms. If you are a newbie I can highly recommend this ebook by Kuno Creative.

All you have to do is go to and download Inbound Marketers Handbook. (And sign up for their blog, too. It covers different types of marketing from landing pages to twitters.

A worth while handbook,
Chick J

Friday, May 8, 2009

Information Offerings #39 - For the Love of the Dog

" They are Man's Best Friend. Are We Theirs?" An excellent tagline. And my answer is yes. But unfortunately too many aren't.

Deanna Raeke is a dog lover and wants to make people aware of the plights of dogs, whether it is puppy mills, toxic chemicals, or just cruel people.

But this blog really celebrates the joy of our canine friends. she has section on writings about dogs and poetry, too. Dogs are wonderful because they can make you laugh and smile. Of course she has a dog humor section.

Sign up for this terrific blog and you will receive A Dog's Philosophy on Life. Her site is come on all you dog lovers and dog lovers to be. Nothing is more beautiful is the first time a young child hold a puppy.

A dog's friend,
Chick J

P.S. Check this out "Ten Signs Your Dog is Smarter than You " at ""

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Information Offerings #38 - Attraction Mind Map

" Attract Abundance With Your Mind " This is Evelyn Lim's website from Singapore.

(When I was younger, I would have love to have a penpal from Singapore. I would have love the stamps. Nowadays I meet online people from all over the world. and sometime I take it for granted. It is pretty incredible, really.)

Her goal is to help people attract abundance through the "Secret" video. but she has also learn form NLP, Silva, EFT, and other esoteric method.

Her blogs are different but thought making. Today's blog is about being a sparrow. Yesterday's blogs was going from outer space to inner space.

If you go to, you can get her ebook " How to Manifest What You Want" for free. and she has other gifts, too.

( I wonder if I can attract more readers?)

Always looking for new blogs,
Chick J

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Information Offerings #37 - Keeper Skool

Some strange language? Someone who can't spell? It a website for training the hardiest postion in most played and watch sport in the world. The goalkeeper.

Now I played football in high school (side note: one of my upperclassmen became the number one draft pick for the Boston Patriot in 1974!), road racing, and my elementary years I played soccer. So yes, I like watching soccer and I know how tough goaltender is.

John Stevanja is your host to Keeper Skool. He is teaching at a very high level. Not for elematary or junior high player but high school and up. If you know someone who is playing goal in soccer, have him/her sign up at And you will get free a ten week email cousre on the basic of being a goal tender." 10 Weeks To Goalkeeping Success."

Sport minded searcher,
Chick J

Saturday, May 2, 2009

9 Great taglines I have found

I have noticed that taglines catch my attention. For ideas to make a tagline for myself, I have been collecting the good ones.

1. "Building a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up"

2. "Success Strategies for Every Aspect of Life… as a Freelancer"

3. " Unconventional strategies for Life , Work, and Travel by Chris Guillebeau."

4. " The Path to Helping Business Profit Online"

5. " Helping you build a better blog"

6. "Common Sense Internet Marketing"

7. "How To Make Money Blogging Without a Gazillion Readers or a Boat-Load of Ads"

8. "A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World"

9. "A blog on beginning, it sounds so simple but it’s quite complex"

If you know of any great taglines please drop by and tell me.

Thank You,
Chick J

Friday, May 1, 2009

Information Offerings #36 - Avid Writer

"Building a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up" this tagline is by the latest freelance site I have found. ( It has been around, I just came across it.)

It is written by Kimberly Ben. Her freelance advice seems right on the money. She is in the middle of a debate with other freelancers on outsourcing. It is very interesting to hear both sides of this subject.

If you visit her site You can download a free report on 2008-2009 Freelance Writing Job Report. It gives you what fields are hot (looking for writers) and what is not.

The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for free ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


Still looking for more,
Chick J