Sunday, May 3, 2009

Information Offerings #37 - Keeper Skool

Some strange language? Someone who can't spell? It a website for training the hardiest postion in most played and watch sport in the world. The goalkeeper.

Now I played football in high school (side note: one of my upperclassmen became the number one draft pick for the Boston Patriot in 1974!), road racing, and my elementary years I played soccer. So yes, I like watching soccer and I know how tough goaltender is.

John Stevanja is your host to Keeper Skool. He is teaching at a very high level. Not for elematary or junior high player but high school and up. If you know someone who is playing goal in soccer, have him/her sign up at And you will get free a ten week email cousre on the basic of being a goal tender." 10 Weeks To Goalkeeping Success."

Sport minded searcher,
Chick J

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