Friday, May 1, 2009

Information Offerings #36 - Avid Writer

"Building a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up" this tagline is by the latest freelance site I have found. ( It has been around, I just came across it.)

It is written by Kimberly Ben. Her freelance advice seems right on the money. She is in the middle of a debate with other freelancers on outsourcing. It is very interesting to hear both sides of this subject.

If you visit her site You can download a free report on 2008-2009 Freelance Writing Job Report. It gives you what fields are hot (looking for writers) and what is not.

The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for free ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


Still looking for more,
Chick J

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