Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Information Offerings #35 - Conversation Marketing

"Common Sense Internet Marketing" . One thing I do when I am checking out blogs or website to see if they have a tagline, catch phase, or short elvator speech. A good tagline line makes me want to stop and read. Now Conversation Marketing with Ian Lurie first caught my eye because of the title but his tagline made me want to read it.

"Conversation Marketing is a living thing - I'm not done with it. Neither is anyone else." is another of his quotes. It tells me that he going to learn more and hopefully pass it on to me.

Ever read anything that is funny but still is true? Ian Lurie has written this exceptional post. 13Ways To Generate Customer Hate. ( .) I am cracking up at my desk. Are you doing these things, too? You will just love it.

If you are into marketing, blogging, business check Ian Lurie's Conversation Marketing at

Still laughing at 13 Ways To Generate Customer Hate,
Chick J

Monday, April 27, 2009

Information Offerings #34 - This Old Brain

"Brain, Body, and Life Fitness by Blogging and Coaching".What a great tagline! This is the best elevator speech I seen in a while.

I am sure you have read many different blogs about exercising the body. But how many have you read is dedicated to working out the brain? There have been many articles that tell you that you should exercise your brain

Here is site with ideas, games, and help. Just subscribe to this Old Brain Newsletter at

Come on and let whip that old brain in shape.

An Old Brain Blogger,
Chick J

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Information Offerings #33 - Seth Godin

Seth Godin. I really can't put him into a pigeon hole. He is a multi-talented man. He knows business, blogging, marketing, writing, entrepreneur and probably a lot more I haven't discover yet.

I came across him while scrolling DailyLit. at ( This is a website that lets you read books by emailing you a chapter at a time.) I was working on 100 Ways to Succeed/Make Money by Tom Peters. When an interesting title pop up and caught my attention. The Bootstrapper's Bible by Seth Godin.

This book blows away the one I was reading by Tom Peters. I was hook. So I type in Seth Godin's name and found his website.

I quickily subscribe to his blog. He has more ebooks (Some are free!).His views of business, blogging are vast. If you want to improve your business, writing, blogging, just stop by and listen to what Seth Godin has to say. It is worth reading.

A Godin reader,
Chick J
P.S. Read his blog's post "youre-nuts-if-you-believe-me"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Success Strategies for Every Aspect of Life… as a Freelancer" This is the great tagline opening to website

As some of you know I just love copywriters. And Pete Savage is the latest one I have found. Now some people want to be a copywriter but are nervous about freelancing. Well here is someone who has been there. His newsletter is always full of advice for freelancers. It good to have someone you can ask for help or push you through the rough spots.

And along with his free e-newsletter, you will receive Direct Mail Secrets for Freelancers Transcript and more helpful (I believe) The 16 Critical Questions Every Writer Should Ask To Start Every Project Off Right!

So if you are a freelancer or thinking of becoming one. Go to, check it out.

Your Copy Loving Reader,
Chick J

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Information Offerings #31 - The Art of Nonconformity

Subtitle " Unconventional strategies for Life , Work, and Travel by Chris Guillebeau."

Would you like a more positive view on life? A slightly quirky but helpful guide to the world?

Chris Guillebeau is a world traveler and first class writer. But he does it on the cheap (Not the writing , though.) He has written helpful book on travel like Become your own Travel Ninja. ( Others which I haven't got into yet.)

Right now I am doing his 6 Ways to Change the World email course. My first message is about"How to Set the Terms of Your Life (Before Someone Else Does) ". After this I can't wait for the next ones.

If you would like to see a little about him, he will send you his latest manifesto " Overnight 279 Days toSuccess". Just head over to Try a little non-conformity. You might like it (Or like me need it.).

Your Internet traveler,
Chick J

Friday, April 17, 2009

Information Offerings #30 - Life, Laughs, and Lemmings

This is one of the best reasons to check out blogs. I came across this wise and funny by accident. It is about a young woman trials and life experiences. Most people would have sat down cried and withdraw from the world.

But not Sami. She dried her tears and face the world. she look at every trial (good or bad). and she found a lesson in each one. Which she shares with us.

For example: Here is one of her life lessons ( I wish I had learn this earlier.)

Life Lessons;

* As much as I’d like to think that my leaving a job will have an immense, immediate and devastating impact on the company such that it will implode and melt down, this my friends, is not the truth. They will and did survive quite well thank you very much without me. It was a humbling lesson. Ahh, the innocence of youth.

Another one:

I found meditation (and medication) to be a powerful way to counteract the sadness, desperation and stress and reduce the chance of going postal (responsible use of sleeping tablets were a godsend for much needed sleep).

She doesn't give a free report, gift, or email course. But she does give herself to us.( Plenty of lfe lessons.) Start reading Life, Laughs, and Lemmings and make a new friend.

Find her at

Found a new friend,
Chick J

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Information Offerings #29 - Internet Business Path

" The Path to Helping Business Profit Online" this tagline from Internet business Path really sum up in a nut shell this site.

Tyrone Shum is the creator, writer, of the Internet Business Path. This website has so much to help anyone who wants to run an online business.

Very well written and thought out articles on Business Strategy, Blogging Tools, Marketing and Promotion and still more. He has ebooks for you to learn and enjoy.

I believe a year from now when you look at the top 100 blogs for business, you will see this one rising fast.

To make it even better checking out his website. Tyrone is giving you a copy of his ebook ""Make Money From The New Internet: Web 2.0". Go to

(And see his blog about backlinks -

A finder of up and comers,
Chick J

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Information Offerings #28 - John Chow

One of my readers Bearabull at sent me this great suggestion. (If you are into finance and the stock market, check him out.)

One of the top blogs about money making with a blog. John Chow has an excellent light touch with his posts. He is excitable, interesting and doesn't keep beating his offers. There is a lot of free, informative articles to read. (So many I haven’t look at all them, yet.)

If learning how to make money on line is a goal for you, then try this terrific blog. Pop over to He even tosses a free e-book “ Make-money-online

Learning to blog rich,
Chick J

Friday, April 10, 2009

Information Offerings #27 - Blogger Buster

" Helping you build a better blog" is the slogan of this incredible, helpful blogging website. You want to know how to change your blog's template? the answer is here. What a widget? She has a tutorial for it. ( She has many tutorials!)

This site is run by Amanda Fazani. She writes some amazing posts. If you are reading other blogging site, you will see her name pop up. If you are a beginner blogger (even if you are not) and want to improve, this site is a must.

You can find her at Right now she is giving away with each sign up this must ebook. The Blogger Template Book

Getting better with each site I find,
Chick J

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Information Offerings #26 - Leo's Answers

Got a question about computers? Got a computer problem? Ask Leo! "Leo" is Leo A. Notenboom. He work for medium size company that grew. You might have heard of it. Microsoft. And yes he know computers. In fact one of my favorite computer ezine Ask The Computer Lady ( Elizabeth Boston, comes here, too. See. Information Offerings #8.)

One of the questions for this week is 'Should I install IE8? His answer surprise me. That answer alone was worth getting this ezine.

Type over to this and sign right up. If you sign up now (remember it is free) he will send a free report "Internet Safety Keeping Your Computer Safe On the Internet". This is a priceless gift for us who love surfing the net.

Safety First,
Chick J

Monday, April 6, 2009

Information Offerings #25 - MarCom Strategist

I search the world wide web. I find websites in New Zealand, Australia, and many others places. But I never thought I would find one just a couple towns over from where I live. DH Communications, Plastow, NH.

Dianna Huff is a B2B marketing expert. (Which isn't Blog To Blog) It means Business to Business marketing. And to get a taste of web marketing she has this excellent free report " A Web Marketing Tookit".

She also has client case studies examples and success stories. If you want to learn more about B2B for your company, this is the place to start.(and finish.)

She teaches how to a better blogger, to set up newsletters.

Go to and check it out. And sign up for her MarCom Strategist Ezine.(I didn't know at the time but she has work for Thermo Fisher Scientific, my workplace.)

Your Blog to Blog searcher,
Chick J

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I just love doing this?

I am curious. Very curious about everything and anything.

I love to start on one blog and then take a link to another blog, then jump again. I am hopping all over the world.

I just sub to two new ezines/blogs. One is from New Zealand and the other is just a couple towns over from where I live!

If I had look for them I would have had a hard time finding them. I like the little blogs/ the new ones/ because one of these will become great/ large and I can say that I was with them at the beginning.

( Just a side note: In the early 1980's I was working a comic book show with my cousin. Two guys came up with a comic that they drew, written and publish. They got the idea one night while drinking beer and eating pizza. The comic book was publish like a tv guide insert. The printer made the mistake but they took it anyways. They offer to sell me a copy for a buck. I told them it was the worst comic I had ever seen. My cousin bought 50 of them.

Four years later I saw them again at a comic signing. Now each guy had made over a million dollars in movie and products from that terrible comic. My cousin was selling those comics he brought for $750 ea.! Yea that I how I met Eastman/Laird of the Teenage Ninga Turtle fame.)

A sad but wiser searcher,
Chick J

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Information Offerings # 24 - Personal Safety Trainer

Kelly Rudolph creator of the newsletter "Safety Quick Tip". This is a must newsletter. If you care about others safety, you family safety, or a least your own safety, get this e-zine.

Her website is full of all kinds of safety help and resources. Her blog is informative and well written. ( She talks about Krav Maga. I had never hear about it before. It is a Israel self defense art.)

Sign up now and she will give these bonuses:

Bonus #1: "Seven Deadly Personal Safety Mistakes"

Bonus #3: "Vehicle Maintenance Basics for You and Those You Love"

Bonus #2: "How to Release Fear, for Safety's Sake"

Your safety internet explorer,
Chick J