Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Information Offerings #26 - Leo's Answers

Got a question about computers? Got a computer problem? Ask Leo! "Leo" is Leo A. Notenboom. He work for medium size company that grew. You might have heard of it. Microsoft. And yes he know computers. In fact one of my favorite computer ezine Ask The Computer Lady ( Elizabeth Boston, comes here, too. See. Information Offerings #8.)

One of the questions for this week is 'Should I install IE8? His answer surprise me. That answer alone was worth getting this ezine.

Type over to this and sign right up. If you sign up now (remember it is free) he will send a free report "Internet Safety Keeping Your Computer Safe On the Internet". This is a priceless gift for us who love surfing the net.

Safety First,
Chick J

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