Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I just love doing this?

I am curious. Very curious about everything and anything.

I love to start on one blog and then take a link to another blog, then jump again. I am hopping all over the world.

I just sub to two new ezines/blogs. One is from New Zealand and the other is just a couple towns over from where I live!

If I had look for them I would have had a hard time finding them. I like the little blogs/ the new ones/ because one of these will become great/ large and I can say that I was with them at the beginning.

( Just a side note: In the early 1980's I was working a comic book show with my cousin. Two guys came up with a comic that they drew, written and publish. They got the idea one night while drinking beer and eating pizza. The comic book was publish like a tv guide insert. The printer made the mistake but they took it anyways. They offer to sell me a copy for a buck. I told them it was the worst comic I had ever seen. My cousin bought 50 of them.

Four years later I saw them again at a comic signing. Now each guy had made over a million dollars in movie and products from that terrible comic. My cousin was selling those comics he brought for $750 ea.! Yea that I how I met Eastman/Laird of the Teenage Ninga Turtle fame.)

A sad but wiser searcher,
Chick J

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  1. Hello there,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right in saying that both IBM and Sun Micro would probably hold off until a later date before making any decisions because of the market craze.

    "NEW YORK (Reuters) - IBM and Sun Microsystems Inc broke off acquisition talks after Sun indicated it was unhappy with IBM's offer of $9.40 or below per share"

    However, there is little knowledge whether talks between the two companies would resume to a future date.