Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Success Strategies for Every Aspect of Life… as a Freelancer" This is the great tagline opening to website www.savagemarketing.com/.

As some of you know I just love copywriters. And Pete Savage is the latest one I have found. Now some people want to be a copywriter but are nervous about freelancing. Well here is someone who has been there. His newsletter is always full of advice for freelancers. It good to have someone you can ask for help or push you through the rough spots.

And along with his free e-newsletter, you will receive Direct Mail Secrets for Freelancers Transcript and more helpful (I believe) The 16 Critical Questions Every Writer Should Ask To Start Every Project Off Right!

So if you are a freelancer or thinking of becoming one. Go to http://www.savagemarketing.com/, check it out.

Your Copy Loving Reader,
Chick J

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