Saturday, June 27, 2009

Information Offerings #57 - Plugin ID

" Plug into your Identity" A wonderful personal development site. It is by Glen Allsopp. What this site is describe best by Glen.

"PluginID, named after the slogan ‘Plug into Your Identity’, is a site about helping you realize who you are, and perhaps more importantly, who you are not. My aim with this site is to awaken, inspire and motivate others into seeing that they can be who they want to be and live the life they want to live."

Glen is a very giving person. In fact he is giving away an excellent ebook on blogging called. "BloggingBlueprint: Your Free Guide to Blogging Success" He doesn't want your email address, or to become a subscriber, or tell anyone else (But I am going to tell everyone.). It is free to download at It is a very personal look at blogging, with some very good advice.

Another helpful site review by
Chick J

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Information Offerings #56 - MYBLOG2DAY

"Making Money Online with Blog"

That what I want to do. So this tagline catches my attention . It tells me what the site is about.

(A heads ups about this post. Lee Kahoong is running a blog contest. One of the requirement is to post an article about this contest. So partly I am doing this today for the contest.)

Lee's site is dedicated to the training, helping, tips about making money online. His articles like 15 Ways How To Make Money On The Internet or How I Get Into Top 10 Google Search Result With Term “Make Money Blogging”. And there is a lot more great posts here, too.

When you go to Lee is giving a A beginner's guide to Making money from blogging for free.

And yes, he is running a Wanted Blog Contest with $345 Cash Prizes Giveaway. It is ending soon so enter now.

Hopefully a winner soon : - },
Chick J

Friday, June 19, 2009

Information Offerings #55 - Hunter Nuttall.Com

"Stop sucking and live a life of abundance." or "Personal development for smart and bold students of life"

There is nothing wrong with have more then one tagline. It just shows that some people just keep on trying to improve. ( A few persons have found perfection, so they keep the same one. : -})

This site is incredible to read. Where else could you find a post The Kobayashi Maru (The No-Win Scenario) from Star Trek? ( and then The Bottle That Wouldn’t Open ( a new drink from Japan that is very hard to open.

He writes to open your mind, to show the wonders of the world around us. His e-book The Zen of Blogging is terrific. Go to download at Then check out his other books and articles. You will be there for awhile.

A bold student of life,
Chick J

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Information Offerings #54 - The Positive Life

"Blog filled with Tips and Tricks on being positive, successful , and happy" I found this gentleman on 31 Day Problogger Forum.(

He has a little cool website which is called The Positive Life. there are some very interesting posts and some excellent quotes like this.

"99% of people I meet are underachievers. Please refuse to be one of them. Set your goals high. Shoot for the moon. Dare to be different! "- Terence Storm

He has a neat little article called " The Secret of Cultivating a Positive Attitude". Positively go to and download now.

Another good site to visit,
Chick J

Monday, June 15, 2009

Information Offerings #53 - Weakonomics

"30% Personal, 60% Finance, 20% Stupid" How can you resist a website on personal finance with a super tagline like this?

Philip is the host of this on helping you handling money. Nowadays, everyone needs help. What is Weakonenomics? Let Philip tell it in his own words.

"Weakonomics believes education is the most powerful tool to fix the economic problems we face. The educated consumer can avoid the bad financial services, thus making them unprofitable. The educated citizen can make informed decisions when selecting elected government officials. The educated consumer relies only on themselves for financial support. "

His articles on finances are easy to understand but you are not talk down to. His college of Weakonenomics has short course on Financial Industry, Intro to Economics, How Banks Make Money, and much more.

If you want to learn about the larger picture about money. this is a site for you. Check it out at

An undergraduate,
Chick J

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Information Offerings #52 - Breaking Free

" The #1 Blog On: How To Start Your Own Business"

Brian Armstrong wants to give you three of the best wealth building books off all time - free!

I had already brought two the three books. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. ( It is ok but a little strange.) The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. ( A must read. Make sure your kids read this one.) and The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin. (This one I already had found on the internet. Another must read.)

So grab these books quick at / and sit back to some great insights.

But the site is worth more then these books. His (Brian Armstrong) thoughts on the next big thing, why there are times that money seem to be easier made then other times. These blogs post are really thought provoking.

Check this site out today,
Chick J

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Information Offerings #51 - Winning The Web

" Internet Marketing Strategies"

I love a person who is confidence in their abilities. Gyutae Park is such a person.

He is giving a free copy of his ebook "The Winning Way - Ultimate Checklist of 500+ Proven Internet Marketing Strategies - 118 pages of killer content." Now I know that many people have free reports on how to improve their marketing skills.

But Gyutae Park follows this with a incredible guarantee."

"If you don't gain at least 3 new ideas to build traffic, I'll pay YOU $50!"

A free book with this guarantee? Now that is confidence. ( I have already pick up four good ideas, so I can't take him up on his offer.)

Now I will tell you to run right over to and get your copy, before this offer ends. The ideas are worth much more then mere $50.

Winning yours,
Chick J

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Information Offerings #50 - Incomes International Blog

"Proving That You Can Build Something From Nothing" Big boast. I am going to see if he can follow through on it.

Now he says on his site .

"I raised a challenge. I’ll start a blog from scratch, and within 12 months I will have an income stream of nothing less than $5000 US per month. Once I have succeeded at that he will have to give me $1000 and start his own blog in the niche that we discussed."

This course is just starting. 10 Steps to Starting Your Blog from Scratch. (Part 1)

This is something I have to watch and see. He also promise a new e-book he is writing 'Blog Profits for Dummies' for all who sign up to his site. If you are curious like me, then go to

I am wishing him all the success,
Chick J

Monday, June 8, 2009

As I surf, time shoots by

To find new blogs to read, I start by looking up one of my favorite blogs. (Mind the Beginner at He suggests an article. I click on it and go to I look at their list of blogs they like.

So at random I pick an interesting name The Escape Artist ( It is about living overseas, working overseas, etc. Not what I care about, so I hit the back button and try another.

WebWorkDaily ( sounds different. So away I go. This time it is about playing Sim 3. How it can destroy your productively. I am not into game playing. (I already knows that game playing can cut into your productively. I am a chess addict.) But there are list of posts that he finds interesting, so I check it out. I had already read the one by Seth Godin but the 10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs at the Ririan Project sounds good.

Now I click on Now this is a site I like. So I pop my email in, so I can get more articles. This site covers a lot of subjects from Money and Finance, Motivation, Psychology to Self Improvement.. And more sites to visit. But I am out of time. When I am doing this time just shoots by.

Random blogs,
Chick J

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Information Offerings #49 - College Football Place

" Getting Real about College Football"

A heads up about this site. I found it through an article from Yaro Starek. This is one of his students site. But when I saw what he was giving away, I had to have it.

A report on "Betting on College Football Made Simple" Ever wonder what over/under means? Point Spread? Vig!? ( Sounds like talk form the Sopranos.) These and many more term are clearly explain.

And if you love college football, you have to be a member. (I prefer Professional Football. Go Boston Patriots, opps, I mean New England Patriots. Dating myself.)

That address is

Go Pats,
Chick J

Friday, June 5, 2009

Information Offerings #48 - No Debt Plan

" Put of Debt and Building Wealth"

Why another get debt-free plan? Because maybe the first one I wrote didn't fit your personalty. There are many good sites that can help you get out of debt. Just like there are many sites that can help you blog better, mediate easier, teach you a sport or music. But if you don't like the style or voice of the site you will never listen or take the advice.

Now this one is a very good site to check out. read the No Debt Plan at If you like this, check Kevin 's blog at

Here is quote from him which I whole heartily agreed.

"I believe that American education system does an inadequate job of preparing its citizens on money. We unleash high school seniors on the world without any knowledge of how badly they can wreck their lives by opening up that first credit card offer."

Think of the Kids,
Chick J

Monday, June 1, 2009

Information Offerings #47 - Jamorama

" Who else wants to learn to play guitar and play like the Eagles, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Gun 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and More?"

Ben Edwards teaches guitar on line. I just tried it out and love it. I can at anytime, day or night practice on line. What I love best about it , I can hear what it should sound or see how to place my fingers. I can practice in the privacy of my own home.

If you ever want to take music lessons but didn't want to sign up 6 or 12 month courses ( At $25 a half hour) . Here is a chance to do it for free. Just go to Sign up for his 6 lessons guitar course, learn to read TAB, Change chords smoothly, etc.

A hopefully a new folk player,
Chick J