Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Information Offerings #50 - Incomes International Blog

"Proving That You Can Build Something From Nothing" Big boast. I am going to see if he can follow through on it.

Now he says on his site .

"I raised a challenge. I’ll start a blog from scratch, and within 12 months I will have an income stream of nothing less than $5000 US per month. Once I have succeeded at that he will have to give me $1000 and start his own blog in the niche that we discussed."

This course is just starting. 10 Steps to Starting Your Blog from Scratch. (Part 1)

This is something I have to watch and see. He also promise a new e-book he is writing 'Blog Profits for Dummies' for all who sign up to his site. If you are curious like me, then go to http://blog.incomesinternational.com

I am wishing him all the success,
Chick J

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