Monday, June 8, 2009

As I surf, time shoots by

To find new blogs to read, I start by looking up one of my favorite blogs. (Mind the Beginner at He suggests an article. I click on it and go to I look at their list of blogs they like.

So at random I pick an interesting name The Escape Artist ( It is about living overseas, working overseas, etc. Not what I care about, so I hit the back button and try another.

WebWorkDaily ( sounds different. So away I go. This time it is about playing Sim 3. How it can destroy your productively. I am not into game playing. (I already knows that game playing can cut into your productively. I am a chess addict.) But there are list of posts that he finds interesting, so I check it out. I had already read the one by Seth Godin but the 10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs at the Ririan Project sounds good.

Now I click on Now this is a site I like. So I pop my email in, so I can get more articles. This site covers a lot of subjects from Money and Finance, Motivation, Psychology to Self Improvement.. And more sites to visit. But I am out of time. When I am doing this time just shoots by.

Random blogs,
Chick J

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