Friday, June 19, 2009

Information Offerings #55 - Hunter Nuttall.Com

"Stop sucking and live a life of abundance." or "Personal development for smart and bold students of life"

There is nothing wrong with have more then one tagline. It just shows that some people just keep on trying to improve. ( A few persons have found perfection, so they keep the same one. : -})

This site is incredible to read. Where else could you find a post The Kobayashi Maru (The No-Win Scenario) from Star Trek? ( and then The Bottle That Wouldn’t Open ( a new drink from Japan that is very hard to open.

He writes to open your mind, to show the wonders of the world around us. His e-book The Zen of Blogging is terrific. Go to download at Then check out his other books and articles. You will be there for awhile.

A bold student of life,
Chick J

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