Monday, November 23, 2009

Information Offerings #62 - Upgrade Reality

I just found this Self Improvement blog. ( Glen of PluginId / steered me to it.)

He talks about being formless like water, Bruce Lee fighting style, the Will Smith lessons of life, mindset of a millionaire and much more.

But the most useful article I found was How to Create Your Own Blog
A complete and FREE step-by-step tutorial. This is one of the best step by step instructions on creating a blog. If you want to start a blog or new to blogging, this is a must have.

This will be one of the fastest climbing self improvement blogs I have been reading. Watch it soar, ( better yet sub to it and go along for the wisdom.)

So go to and remember to check out the How to create your own blog.

Always trying to improve,
Chick J

Friday, November 20, 2009

Information Offerings #61 - FitJerk

"Fitness Tips So Effective, They Should be Illegal!" Did this get your attention? Or this one "I kick People's Asses So they'll Be Adored By the Masses".

He isn't subtle but sometime you need someone to tell you the truth. He lively , entertaing but he knows his stuff.

I am in the process of using his 5 Killer techniques. If you want to try them go to and download his "HeadStart Fitness Report ".

I had a question and very promptly email me back. Some sites, tend to ignore you but not FJ.

As I leave you ponder this quote from FJ's report. " Do I want a lame life?" Not me, I don't think you do either.

Working to have a great life,
Chick J

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Information Offerings #60 - Get Rich Slowly

Terrific tagline - " Personal Finance That Makes Cents"

JD is just a average guy who found himself in debt and found out how to escape. His research revealed that few people get rich quickly, but almost anyone can get rich slowly by patiently following some simple rules.

If you to have the basic and not so basic of personal fiance explain this site is for you. He explains well and writes very clearly.

So follow this link and go to And halt your slide into debt hell and start crwling out.

Found another great financial site,
Chick J

Monday, November 16, 2009

Information Offerings #59 - Viperchill

Great tagline " Hey, I'm Glen. I make my living online while traveling the world and I want to help you do the same."

This is an old blog that just has been kick into high gear. Glen is also the creator of PluginID which is one of my favorite blogs to read. It is a more personal friendly site.

On the other hand Viperchill is an all out assault in training you in the world of blogs. It doesn't matter which type, this is the nuts and bolts and fuel to blog.

It is still very early, only a few articles but those fews are worth studying. So get over to Viperchill at and meet Glen.

(I just love the name. The name, Viperchill, alone seems to imply speeds at frighting thoughts. )

Looking for the bests blogs,
Chick J

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Information Offerings #58 - The Launch Coach

Super tagline - "I get more people to buy what you're selling"

This excellent site is run by Dave Navarro. Who is a product launch coach and internet marketing consultant.

Quote of Dave Navarro "Many of the chances you will take will lead to failure. Not Some. Many."

I came across him by accident. The first blog I read of his was "7 steps to playing a much bigger game (with free workbook)" This article got me thinking and back into the game. He pulls no punches and tells you what to do. First by shredding all your excuses into little bits of trash. Then showing you what to do.

His first step (Rule) Accept the fact that you will have to stretch( And that the pain will be worth it.) No touchy feeler here, just a slap on the back of the head to get your attention. If you want to play in the game, and go against the big boys, you going to work. ( but the rewards are worth it.)

If you want to succeed, here is a push for you. He will show you the way but you still need to do the work. So go to The Launch Coach at and get your butt kicked.

My butt is back into the game,
Chick J

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where have I been?

I was getting ready to grab my own domain, get a host and new name. But life got in my way. A death in the family, serve rain storms , and really rough time at work. (And suppose to be going on vacation , too.)

Now getting ready again, to kinda start over. (Still trying to catch up on my emails and all the stuff on my Google reader. E-mail is under control, Google reader is still in triple numbers.)

I will be still posting here for awhile. I got my first authority at Technorati. Yea! I went from 4,904,034 to 1,643,669 position. wow. What a climb!

I have found a lot on new , wonderful blogs/websites to tell you about.

See everyone tomorrow,
Chick J

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Information Offerings #57 - Plugin ID

" Plug into your Identity" A wonderful personal development site. It is by Glen Allsopp. What this site is describe best by Glen.

"PluginID, named after the slogan ‘Plug into Your Identity’, is a site about helping you realize who you are, and perhaps more importantly, who you are not. My aim with this site is to awaken, inspire and motivate others into seeing that they can be who they want to be and live the life they want to live."

Glen is a very giving person. In fact he is giving away an excellent ebook on blogging called. "BloggingBlueprint: Your Free Guide to Blogging Success" He doesn't want your email address, or to become a subscriber, or tell anyone else (But I am going to tell everyone.). It is free to download at It is a very personal look at blogging, with some very good advice.

Another helpful site review by
Chick J

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Information Offerings #56 - MYBLOG2DAY

"Making Money Online with Blog"

That what I want to do. So this tagline catches my attention . It tells me what the site is about.

(A heads ups about this post. Lee Kahoong is running a blog contest. One of the requirement is to post an article about this contest. So partly I am doing this today for the contest.)

Lee's site is dedicated to the training, helping, tips about making money online. His articles like 15 Ways How To Make Money On The Internet or How I Get Into Top 10 Google Search Result With Term “Make Money Blogging”. And there is a lot more great posts here, too.

When you go to Lee is giving a A beginner's guide to Making money from blogging for free.

And yes, he is running a Wanted Blog Contest with $345 Cash Prizes Giveaway. It is ending soon so enter now.

Hopefully a winner soon : - },
Chick J

Friday, June 19, 2009

Information Offerings #55 - Hunter Nuttall.Com

"Stop sucking and live a life of abundance." or "Personal development for smart and bold students of life"

There is nothing wrong with have more then one tagline. It just shows that some people just keep on trying to improve. ( A few persons have found perfection, so they keep the same one. : -})

This site is incredible to read. Where else could you find a post The Kobayashi Maru (The No-Win Scenario) from Star Trek? ( and then The Bottle That Wouldn’t Open ( a new drink from Japan that is very hard to open.

He writes to open your mind, to show the wonders of the world around us. His e-book The Zen of Blogging is terrific. Go to download at Then check out his other books and articles. You will be there for awhile.

A bold student of life,
Chick J

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Information Offerings #54 - The Positive Life

"Blog filled with Tips and Tricks on being positive, successful , and happy" I found this gentleman on 31 Day Problogger Forum.(

He has a little cool website which is called The Positive Life. there are some very interesting posts and some excellent quotes like this.

"99% of people I meet are underachievers. Please refuse to be one of them. Set your goals high. Shoot for the moon. Dare to be different! "- Terence Storm

He has a neat little article called " The Secret of Cultivating a Positive Attitude". Positively go to and download now.

Another good site to visit,
Chick J

Monday, June 15, 2009

Information Offerings #53 - Weakonomics

"30% Personal, 60% Finance, 20% Stupid" How can you resist a website on personal finance with a super tagline like this?

Philip is the host of this on helping you handling money. Nowadays, everyone needs help. What is Weakonenomics? Let Philip tell it in his own words.

"Weakonomics believes education is the most powerful tool to fix the economic problems we face. The educated consumer can avoid the bad financial services, thus making them unprofitable. The educated citizen can make informed decisions when selecting elected government officials. The educated consumer relies only on themselves for financial support. "

His articles on finances are easy to understand but you are not talk down to. His college of Weakonenomics has short course on Financial Industry, Intro to Economics, How Banks Make Money, and much more.

If you want to learn about the larger picture about money. this is a site for you. Check it out at

An undergraduate,
Chick J

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Information Offerings #52 - Breaking Free

" The #1 Blog On: How To Start Your Own Business"

Brian Armstrong wants to give you three of the best wealth building books off all time - free!

I had already brought two the three books. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. ( It is ok but a little strange.) The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason. ( A must read. Make sure your kids read this one.) and The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin. (This one I already had found on the internet. Another must read.)

So grab these books quick at / and sit back to some great insights.

But the site is worth more then these books. His (Brian Armstrong) thoughts on the next big thing, why there are times that money seem to be easier made then other times. These blogs post are really thought provoking.

Check this site out today,
Chick J

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Information Offerings #51 - Winning The Web

" Internet Marketing Strategies"

I love a person who is confidence in their abilities. Gyutae Park is such a person.

He is giving a free copy of his ebook "The Winning Way - Ultimate Checklist of 500+ Proven Internet Marketing Strategies - 118 pages of killer content." Now I know that many people have free reports on how to improve their marketing skills.

But Gyutae Park follows this with a incredible guarantee."

"If you don't gain at least 3 new ideas to build traffic, I'll pay YOU $50!"

A free book with this guarantee? Now that is confidence. ( I have already pick up four good ideas, so I can't take him up on his offer.)

Now I will tell you to run right over to and get your copy, before this offer ends. The ideas are worth much more then mere $50.

Winning yours,
Chick J

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Information Offerings #50 - Incomes International Blog

"Proving That You Can Build Something From Nothing" Big boast. I am going to see if he can follow through on it.

Now he says on his site .

"I raised a challenge. I’ll start a blog from scratch, and within 12 months I will have an income stream of nothing less than $5000 US per month. Once I have succeeded at that he will have to give me $1000 and start his own blog in the niche that we discussed."

This course is just starting. 10 Steps to Starting Your Blog from Scratch. (Part 1)

This is something I have to watch and see. He also promise a new e-book he is writing 'Blog Profits for Dummies' for all who sign up to his site. If you are curious like me, then go to

I am wishing him all the success,
Chick J

Monday, June 8, 2009

As I surf, time shoots by

To find new blogs to read, I start by looking up one of my favorite blogs. (Mind the Beginner at He suggests an article. I click on it and go to I look at their list of blogs they like.

So at random I pick an interesting name The Escape Artist ( It is about living overseas, working overseas, etc. Not what I care about, so I hit the back button and try another.

WebWorkDaily ( sounds different. So away I go. This time it is about playing Sim 3. How it can destroy your productively. I am not into game playing. (I already knows that game playing can cut into your productively. I am a chess addict.) But there are list of posts that he finds interesting, so I check it out. I had already read the one by Seth Godin but the 10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs at the Ririan Project sounds good.

Now I click on Now this is a site I like. So I pop my email in, so I can get more articles. This site covers a lot of subjects from Money and Finance, Motivation, Psychology to Self Improvement.. And more sites to visit. But I am out of time. When I am doing this time just shoots by.

Random blogs,
Chick J

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Information Offerings #49 - College Football Place

" Getting Real about College Football"

A heads up about this site. I found it through an article from Yaro Starek. This is one of his students site. But when I saw what he was giving away, I had to have it.

A report on "Betting on College Football Made Simple" Ever wonder what over/under means? Point Spread? Vig!? ( Sounds like talk form the Sopranos.) These and many more term are clearly explain.

And if you love college football, you have to be a member. (I prefer Professional Football. Go Boston Patriots, opps, I mean New England Patriots. Dating myself.)

That address is

Go Pats,
Chick J

Friday, June 5, 2009

Information Offerings #48 - No Debt Plan

" Put of Debt and Building Wealth"

Why another get debt-free plan? Because maybe the first one I wrote didn't fit your personalty. There are many good sites that can help you get out of debt. Just like there are many sites that can help you blog better, mediate easier, teach you a sport or music. But if you don't like the style or voice of the site you will never listen or take the advice.

Now this one is a very good site to check out. read the No Debt Plan at If you like this, check Kevin 's blog at

Here is quote from him which I whole heartily agreed.

"I believe that American education system does an inadequate job of preparing its citizens on money. We unleash high school seniors on the world without any knowledge of how badly they can wreck their lives by opening up that first credit card offer."

Think of the Kids,
Chick J

Monday, June 1, 2009

Information Offerings #47 - Jamorama

" Who else wants to learn to play guitar and play like the Eagles, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Gun 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Eric Clapton, The Beatles and More?"

Ben Edwards teaches guitar on line. I just tried it out and love it. I can at anytime, day or night practice on line. What I love best about it , I can hear what it should sound or see how to place my fingers. I can practice in the privacy of my own home.

If you ever want to take music lessons but didn't want to sign up 6 or 12 month courses ( At $25 a half hour) . Here is a chance to do it for free. Just go to Sign up for his 6 lessons guitar course, learn to read TAB, Change chords smoothly, etc.

A hopefully a new folk player,
Chick J

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Information Offerings #46 - All Biz Answers

"Smart business advice" Sometimes I come across a site that feels like it has been around for along time. Bradford Shimp's All Biz Answers feels like that but really it is pretty new.

His advice is welcome and useful. From the The Absolute Importance of Routine to The Three Selling Propositions.

At this moment he is giving 7 Free Reports on Social Media for Business at Each one is worth getting but seven is incredible. go and get sound sound advice.

Learning all the time,
Chick J

Friday, May 29, 2009

3 things I Look for in a Blog to Review

1. Tagline! It is the first thing that catches my eyes. If it is interesting, catchly, different I will check it out.

2. An Offering! Which is a gift, freebie, sample, a taste.

3. Content! I have to want to read it. If it is boring, I am out of there.

Notice I don't care about designs, videos, or tweets.

Looking for reviews,
Chick J

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Information Offerings #45 - Ark Animals Answers

"Wild and Domestic Animal Behavior, Animals Careers, and Animal Training for Modern Times"

Ever want to know how to train animals? Like a Marsai Giraffe? A Orangutan? How about a Sea Lion? This isn't an ordinary animal blog. This is for the people who love wild life, really wild life.

Diana L. Guerrero loves animals. ( And she does have training for dogs, cats, etc.) She also has training for humans, too. Like how to become Zoo Keeper, or Pet Acupuncturist ( I wonder if this includes porcupines, too?)

If you are interested in a career of animal care, please check out Ms. Guerrero at You will get a guide Disaster Preparedness for Pets.

An Animal lover,
Chick J

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Information Offerings #44 - Quirky San Francisco

" Come on, do something different this time!" Cried Randy S of Quirky San Francisco.

I am East coast person. I have travel the whole eastern coast of the United States. I plan in the future to visit the west coast. ( I am dying to see a redwood. Think about it, a 300 foot tree!) But after reading Quirky San Francisco, my next stop will be there.

I have seen the sights of New York by the book and enjoyed it. but I have seen and love Boston more. Because I got to see the sights, sounds, and food that aren't on any major brochures. A few locals gave me that true Boston tour.

Now hearing about the drumming Cougar Cadets, Mr. Clarinet, coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee, and many other unusual events. This is what visiting is all about.

And if you are into bicycling, get his free e-book Bike the Bay in 1/2 a day- your way. A step by step guide to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just go to

A trip in the future,
Chick J

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Information Offerings #43 - Franklin Bishop

"Blog Junkie, Social Media Obesser, and Twitter Enthusiast"

If you came across the name Frank Bishop, you might think his blog is just about him. But once you see his tagline, you want to know more.

And glad I did. His articles on RSS Feed, improving your numbers are well done and most importantly helpful.

He has a ebook call "Blogging School" which he gives away free to people who ask. It is really a university. Many courses are given, just select the ones you need.

So if you want to go to school of blog, head over and visit Franklin Bishop at

Going to be an A student,
Chick J

Friday, May 22, 2009

Information Offerings #42 - Live Unstoppable

In the world of personal development and positive thinking , I have tried and subscribe to many. You can never get too much positive thinking or improving your self.

Cynthia Kersey's is one of the newest ones around and I highly recommend her. Her lessons on purpose, passion, belief, preparation are well done and inspiring.

Sign up NOW to Get FREE Unstoppable Lessons at

Always Improving,
Chick J

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Information Offerings #41 - The Simple Dollar

" Financial talk for the rest of us." As normal I love a good tagline. And this one talks to me. The creator of this blog/website is Trent Hamm. Like a lot of us he has been down the "road to financial Armageddon".

He tells how he got there and how he turn around. He has a series of articles called 31 days to fix your finances. I have started it and looks what i need.

He also has written an excellent ebook called " Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Fiance On Just One Page". It is really longer then one page. But when you read it, it does make a lot of sense. And he is giving it for free. You don't even have to sub to his blog. Although I really recommend it. Come on and try it, it is only one page. : - }

Your Internet Finder,
Chick J

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Information Offerings #40 - Inbound Marketing Journal

I found the best handbook on what marketing , strategy planning, SEO, use of Social media, even a daily routine for blogging for you business. In simple, easy to read terms. If you are a newbie I can highly recommend this ebook by Kuno Creative.

All you have to do is go to and download Inbound Marketers Handbook. (And sign up for their blog, too. It covers different types of marketing from landing pages to twitters.

A worth while handbook,
Chick J

Friday, May 8, 2009

Information Offerings #39 - For the Love of the Dog

" They are Man's Best Friend. Are We Theirs?" An excellent tagline. And my answer is yes. But unfortunately too many aren't.

Deanna Raeke is a dog lover and wants to make people aware of the plights of dogs, whether it is puppy mills, toxic chemicals, or just cruel people.

But this blog really celebrates the joy of our canine friends. she has section on writings about dogs and poetry, too. Dogs are wonderful because they can make you laugh and smile. Of course she has a dog humor section.

Sign up for this terrific blog and you will receive A Dog's Philosophy on Life. Her site is come on all you dog lovers and dog lovers to be. Nothing is more beautiful is the first time a young child hold a puppy.

A dog's friend,
Chick J

P.S. Check this out "Ten Signs Your Dog is Smarter than You " at ""

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Information Offerings #38 - Attraction Mind Map

" Attract Abundance With Your Mind " This is Evelyn Lim's website from Singapore.

(When I was younger, I would have love to have a penpal from Singapore. I would have love the stamps. Nowadays I meet online people from all over the world. and sometime I take it for granted. It is pretty incredible, really.)

Her goal is to help people attract abundance through the "Secret" video. but she has also learn form NLP, Silva, EFT, and other esoteric method.

Her blogs are different but thought making. Today's blog is about being a sparrow. Yesterday's blogs was going from outer space to inner space.

If you go to, you can get her ebook " How to Manifest What You Want" for free. and she has other gifts, too.

( I wonder if I can attract more readers?)

Always looking for new blogs,
Chick J

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Information Offerings #37 - Keeper Skool

Some strange language? Someone who can't spell? It a website for training the hardiest postion in most played and watch sport in the world. The goalkeeper.

Now I played football in high school (side note: one of my upperclassmen became the number one draft pick for the Boston Patriot in 1974!), road racing, and my elementary years I played soccer. So yes, I like watching soccer and I know how tough goaltender is.

John Stevanja is your host to Keeper Skool. He is teaching at a very high level. Not for elematary or junior high player but high school and up. If you know someone who is playing goal in soccer, have him/her sign up at And you will get free a ten week email cousre on the basic of being a goal tender." 10 Weeks To Goalkeeping Success."

Sport minded searcher,
Chick J

Saturday, May 2, 2009

9 Great taglines I have found

I have noticed that taglines catch my attention. For ideas to make a tagline for myself, I have been collecting the good ones.

1. "Building a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up"

2. "Success Strategies for Every Aspect of Life… as a Freelancer"

3. " Unconventional strategies for Life , Work, and Travel by Chris Guillebeau."

4. " The Path to Helping Business Profit Online"

5. " Helping you build a better blog"

6. "Common Sense Internet Marketing"

7. "How To Make Money Blogging Without a Gazillion Readers or a Boat-Load of Ads"

8. "A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World"

9. "A blog on beginning, it sounds so simple but it’s quite complex"

If you know of any great taglines please drop by and tell me.

Thank You,
Chick J

Friday, May 1, 2009

Information Offerings #36 - Avid Writer

"Building a Freelance Writing Business from the Ground Up" this tagline is by the latest freelance site I have found. ( It has been around, I just came across it.)

It is written by Kimberly Ben. Her freelance advice seems right on the money. She is in the middle of a debate with other freelancers on outsourcing. It is very interesting to hear both sides of this subject.

If you visit her site You can download a free report on 2008-2009 Freelance Writing Job Report. It gives you what fields are hot (looking for writers) and what is not.

The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for free ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


Still looking for more,
Chick J

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Information Offerings #35 - Conversation Marketing

"Common Sense Internet Marketing" . One thing I do when I am checking out blogs or website to see if they have a tagline, catch phase, or short elvator speech. A good tagline line makes me want to stop and read. Now Conversation Marketing with Ian Lurie first caught my eye because of the title but his tagline made me want to read it.

"Conversation Marketing is a living thing - I'm not done with it. Neither is anyone else." is another of his quotes. It tells me that he going to learn more and hopefully pass it on to me.

Ever read anything that is funny but still is true? Ian Lurie has written this exceptional post. 13Ways To Generate Customer Hate. ( .) I am cracking up at my desk. Are you doing these things, too? You will just love it.

If you are into marketing, blogging, business check Ian Lurie's Conversation Marketing at

Still laughing at 13 Ways To Generate Customer Hate,
Chick J

Monday, April 27, 2009

Information Offerings #34 - This Old Brain

"Brain, Body, and Life Fitness by Blogging and Coaching".What a great tagline! This is the best elevator speech I seen in a while.

I am sure you have read many different blogs about exercising the body. But how many have you read is dedicated to working out the brain? There have been many articles that tell you that you should exercise your brain

Here is site with ideas, games, and help. Just subscribe to this Old Brain Newsletter at

Come on and let whip that old brain in shape.

An Old Brain Blogger,
Chick J

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Information Offerings #33 - Seth Godin

Seth Godin. I really can't put him into a pigeon hole. He is a multi-talented man. He knows business, blogging, marketing, writing, entrepreneur and probably a lot more I haven't discover yet.

I came across him while scrolling DailyLit. at ( This is a website that lets you read books by emailing you a chapter at a time.) I was working on 100 Ways to Succeed/Make Money by Tom Peters. When an interesting title pop up and caught my attention. The Bootstrapper's Bible by Seth Godin.

This book blows away the one I was reading by Tom Peters. I was hook. So I type in Seth Godin's name and found his website.

I quickily subscribe to his blog. He has more ebooks (Some are free!).His views of business, blogging are vast. If you want to improve your business, writing, blogging, just stop by and listen to what Seth Godin has to say. It is worth reading.

A Godin reader,
Chick J
P.S. Read his blog's post "youre-nuts-if-you-believe-me"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Success Strategies for Every Aspect of Life… as a Freelancer" This is the great tagline opening to website

As some of you know I just love copywriters. And Pete Savage is the latest one I have found. Now some people want to be a copywriter but are nervous about freelancing. Well here is someone who has been there. His newsletter is always full of advice for freelancers. It good to have someone you can ask for help or push you through the rough spots.

And along with his free e-newsletter, you will receive Direct Mail Secrets for Freelancers Transcript and more helpful (I believe) The 16 Critical Questions Every Writer Should Ask To Start Every Project Off Right!

So if you are a freelancer or thinking of becoming one. Go to, check it out.

Your Copy Loving Reader,
Chick J

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Information Offerings #31 - The Art of Nonconformity

Subtitle " Unconventional strategies for Life , Work, and Travel by Chris Guillebeau."

Would you like a more positive view on life? A slightly quirky but helpful guide to the world?

Chris Guillebeau is a world traveler and first class writer. But he does it on the cheap (Not the writing , though.) He has written helpful book on travel like Become your own Travel Ninja. ( Others which I haven't got into yet.)

Right now I am doing his 6 Ways to Change the World email course. My first message is about"How to Set the Terms of Your Life (Before Someone Else Does) ". After this I can't wait for the next ones.

If you would like to see a little about him, he will send you his latest manifesto " Overnight 279 Days toSuccess". Just head over to Try a little non-conformity. You might like it (Or like me need it.).

Your Internet traveler,
Chick J

Friday, April 17, 2009

Information Offerings #30 - Life, Laughs, and Lemmings

This is one of the best reasons to check out blogs. I came across this wise and funny by accident. It is about a young woman trials and life experiences. Most people would have sat down cried and withdraw from the world.

But not Sami. She dried her tears and face the world. she look at every trial (good or bad). and she found a lesson in each one. Which she shares with us.

For example: Here is one of her life lessons ( I wish I had learn this earlier.)

Life Lessons;

* As much as I’d like to think that my leaving a job will have an immense, immediate and devastating impact on the company such that it will implode and melt down, this my friends, is not the truth. They will and did survive quite well thank you very much without me. It was a humbling lesson. Ahh, the innocence of youth.

Another one:

I found meditation (and medication) to be a powerful way to counteract the sadness, desperation and stress and reduce the chance of going postal (responsible use of sleeping tablets were a godsend for much needed sleep).

She doesn't give a free report, gift, or email course. But she does give herself to us.( Plenty of lfe lessons.) Start reading Life, Laughs, and Lemmings and make a new friend.

Find her at

Found a new friend,
Chick J

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Information Offerings #29 - Internet Business Path

" The Path to Helping Business Profit Online" this tagline from Internet business Path really sum up in a nut shell this site.

Tyrone Shum is the creator, writer, of the Internet Business Path. This website has so much to help anyone who wants to run an online business.

Very well written and thought out articles on Business Strategy, Blogging Tools, Marketing and Promotion and still more. He has ebooks for you to learn and enjoy.

I believe a year from now when you look at the top 100 blogs for business, you will see this one rising fast.

To make it even better checking out his website. Tyrone is giving you a copy of his ebook ""Make Money From The New Internet: Web 2.0". Go to

(And see his blog about backlinks -

A finder of up and comers,
Chick J

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Information Offerings #28 - John Chow

One of my readers Bearabull at sent me this great suggestion. (If you are into finance and the stock market, check him out.)

One of the top blogs about money making with a blog. John Chow has an excellent light touch with his posts. He is excitable, interesting and doesn't keep beating his offers. There is a lot of free, informative articles to read. (So many I haven’t look at all them, yet.)

If learning how to make money on line is a goal for you, then try this terrific blog. Pop over to He even tosses a free e-book “ Make-money-online

Learning to blog rich,
Chick J

Friday, April 10, 2009

Information Offerings #27 - Blogger Buster

" Helping you build a better blog" is the slogan of this incredible, helpful blogging website. You want to know how to change your blog's template? the answer is here. What a widget? She has a tutorial for it. ( She has many tutorials!)

This site is run by Amanda Fazani. She writes some amazing posts. If you are reading other blogging site, you will see her name pop up. If you are a beginner blogger (even if you are not) and want to improve, this site is a must.

You can find her at Right now she is giving away with each sign up this must ebook. The Blogger Template Book

Getting better with each site I find,
Chick J

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Information Offerings #26 - Leo's Answers

Got a question about computers? Got a computer problem? Ask Leo! "Leo" is Leo A. Notenboom. He work for medium size company that grew. You might have heard of it. Microsoft. And yes he know computers. In fact one of my favorite computer ezine Ask The Computer Lady ( Elizabeth Boston, comes here, too. See. Information Offerings #8.)

One of the questions for this week is 'Should I install IE8? His answer surprise me. That answer alone was worth getting this ezine.

Type over to this and sign right up. If you sign up now (remember it is free) he will send a free report "Internet Safety Keeping Your Computer Safe On the Internet". This is a priceless gift for us who love surfing the net.

Safety First,
Chick J

Monday, April 6, 2009

Information Offerings #25 - MarCom Strategist

I search the world wide web. I find websites in New Zealand, Australia, and many others places. But I never thought I would find one just a couple towns over from where I live. DH Communications, Plastow, NH.

Dianna Huff is a B2B marketing expert. (Which isn't Blog To Blog) It means Business to Business marketing. And to get a taste of web marketing she has this excellent free report " A Web Marketing Tookit".

She also has client case studies examples and success stories. If you want to learn more about B2B for your company, this is the place to start.(and finish.)

She teaches how to a better blogger, to set up newsletters.

Go to and check it out. And sign up for her MarCom Strategist Ezine.(I didn't know at the time but she has work for Thermo Fisher Scientific, my workplace.)

Your Blog to Blog searcher,
Chick J

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I just love doing this?

I am curious. Very curious about everything and anything.

I love to start on one blog and then take a link to another blog, then jump again. I am hopping all over the world.

I just sub to two new ezines/blogs. One is from New Zealand and the other is just a couple towns over from where I live!

If I had look for them I would have had a hard time finding them. I like the little blogs/ the new ones/ because one of these will become great/ large and I can say that I was with them at the beginning.

( Just a side note: In the early 1980's I was working a comic book show with my cousin. Two guys came up with a comic that they drew, written and publish. They got the idea one night while drinking beer and eating pizza. The comic book was publish like a tv guide insert. The printer made the mistake but they took it anyways. They offer to sell me a copy for a buck. I told them it was the worst comic I had ever seen. My cousin bought 50 of them.

Four years later I saw them again at a comic signing. Now each guy had made over a million dollars in movie and products from that terrible comic. My cousin was selling those comics he brought for $750 ea.! Yea that I how I met Eastman/Laird of the Teenage Ninga Turtle fame.)

A sad but wiser searcher,
Chick J

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Information Offerings # 24 - Personal Safety Trainer

Kelly Rudolph creator of the newsletter "Safety Quick Tip". This is a must newsletter. If you care about others safety, you family safety, or a least your own safety, get this e-zine.

Her website is full of all kinds of safety help and resources. Her blog is informative and well written. ( She talks about Krav Maga. I had never hear about it before. It is a Israel self defense art.)

Sign up now and she will give these bonuses:

Bonus #1: "Seven Deadly Personal Safety Mistakes"

Bonus #3: "Vehicle Maintenance Basics for You and Those You Love"

Bonus #2: "How to Release Fear, for Safety's Sake"

Your safety internet explorer,
Chick J

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Information Offerings #23 - Run to Win

Running is winning. I used to run for over twenty years. Not a great runner but I did enjoy the races and the comrade of runners. But for the last two years, work and grandkids (and laziness) has kept me of the roads.

But thanks to a wonderful e zine by Blaine Moore "Run to Win". I have that desire to run again. And you might , too. If those roads are calling your name, suggest to try his e zine. Just go to He will also give a copy of his ebook " The Three Components of an Effective Workout."


The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for f*r*e*e ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


Leaving to pound the pavement,
Chick J

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Information Offerings #22 - Mindful Internet Marketing

I have read many blogs on marketing and I have read article on mindful meditation. But I never thought of combing the two together. And Jenn Givier had just done that.

She is a Online Business Building Guide who teaches a holistic approach to setting up an online presence. She give two interesting (free reports) on Online Business building. The first is Mindful Internet Marketing and the second is Mindful Marketing Intro.

It is an usual look at marketing but I feel for alot of people this will be very helpful.

Please go to and check her out.

Chick J

Friday, March 27, 2009

Information Offerings #21 - How To Box

Boxing. Either you hated it or think it barbaric or you love worshiping the fine art of two people testing their skills against each other. Now I seen and heard people who hate boxing but love going to martial arts events. Make no sense to me. Boxing is a skill and art. It teaches discipline, endurance, sportsman skills and self confidence. Not to mention it can keep you in great shape.

Aaron Luhning is the creator and writng of this excellent blog/website on Boxing.

The site has sections on Learn to box, Boxing Gear and Equipment, Boxing History, and much more. If you want to know more about boxing or improve yourself go

. And he will send you a 15 free boxing lessons the will give the basics on this misunderstood sport.


My goal is to tell you about a new website that will interest you and give you an offering, (free ebook, free report, maybe a software tool, etc.) All these sites I have already try myself. I will not give you site that are misleading, fake, or dangerous. I have found a few sites that have testimonials that come form dead people, other who give fake names. I have been fool a few times, and if I have been fool again. Don't be afraid to tell me, right away.


Your Finder of Different Website ( But all good, so far.),
Chick J

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Information Offerings #20 - Blog as Religion

Blog as Religion. A neat title for a blog site. If you want to get followers ( readers), you need a team. A team of zealous evangelists.

Barry Morris (Baz) show you how he creates a following. He also has a wonderful little ebook that teaches you how to grow new posts for your blog.( From little seedlings to when to harvest the posts.)

To get this handy, helpful, must read, blog grower. ( Call Blog Post Bounty- How to Guarantee a Bountiful Harvest of Blog Posts Year Round.) Just go and sign up for his ezine - Blog Religion Secrets.

And if you do, he has another surprise (gift) for you! But I can't tell you what it is. So type on over and sign up.

Your Secret keeper,
Chick J

Monday, March 23, 2009

Information Offerings # 19 - Time for Bedlam

Homeschooling. I can't even think of the energy it must take. But Debbie Harbeson knows how to take in it in stride. She has written a family humor book which she let you down load for free.

If you want to know more about homeschooling, read Debbie's blog Homeschooling: Freedom and Fun for your Family. Go to
She has many interview with other families that do homeschooling.


The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for f*r*e*e ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


Your Internet Hunter,
Chick J

Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 reasons to surf the web.

Good Day Everyone,

I am Chick J and this is my blog Information Offerings. It is review blogs of interesting sites and free reports, gifts, and ezines. Why you should search the web?

1. Curiosity - Have you ever wonder why the sky is blue? Or do cats really land on their feet? With a few clicks you can have your answer.

2. Learning - Ever wish to know how to write? Or more about the battle of Gettysburg? Or brush up on your math skills? But you don't live near a school or really have the extra cash. The web can help you with almost any subjects and thousands of free or very low cost site to get lessons.

3. Places - Ever want to see other countries or museums? The cost of travel is
expensive but you can go almost anywhere via the web.

4. Music - Tired of the same old radio music? Then you are in for a treat. The world of music is at your finger tips. The Africa world beat, Japanese anime sounds, Europe techno are just few of incredible sounds for your ears.

Really there are lot more reasons to use the web. Try some of my choices or finds. If you have a favorite, please tell me. I am always looking for more.

Your helper to the internet,
Chick J

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Information Offerings #18 - Ron White's Ezine

Remember studying for those history tests? All those dates and places to know? Now for Ron White that would be a walk in the park. A very short walk that is.

He is the 2009 USA Memory Champion. To win he set two new national records. One he memorized a full deck of cards in 1 minute and 27 seconds. Then in just 5 short minutes he memorize a 167-digit number!

95632587448965147589 This is an example of a 167 long number. ( Pretty big isn't?)

His specialty is teaching you how to train your memory. He is also a great speaker and sales men.

If you would like to check him out go to And he will give you a copy of his ebook. 22 Success Lessons From Baseball by Ron White

Your Internet (maybe he can remember his 9 digit SS #) searcher,

Chick J

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Information Offerings#17 - Personal-Development-Coach

Here is a new age, lifestyle, meditation, etc. site. It is hosted, written, and run by Simaona Rich. She has help and articles on the body, mind and the soul. She covers alot of areas.

The website is well put together and subjects are easy to find. The only fault I find with it, is the ability to comment. I can't find anywhere to write to her. ( I found on the last article a way to comment. But I am lazy and would like the ability to comment right away after I read her blog or article.)

If improving yourself, exploring new and old ideas of the mind and soul. this is a great place to start.

Go to and sign up for her newsletter and she will give you a sample of her Personal Development Plan. Also she will give you a free ebook 11 Universal Laws, just for click the icon.

Your Expanding Internet Reader,

Chick J

Friday, March 13, 2009

Information Offerings #16 - Writings for Dollars

Writing. Selling your articles. But where? And how? Well, go to Writing for Dollars. this website/ezine will help you. Dan Case the editor finds excellent writers with ideas, help, and what to do.

Every week he gives a list of magazines that are looking for writers and articles. He give the guidelines or sends you to their website for what they are looking for. He also give a rough idea of what they pay, too.

If you are a writer looking for places to write for or even someone that wants to try their hand at writing. Then go to and sign up for his ezine. And you will get a bonus. An e-book 83 Ways to Make Money Writng.


My goal is to tell you about a new website that will interest you and give you an offering, (free ebook, free report, maybe a software tool, etc.) All these sites I have already try myself. I will not give you site that are misleading, fake, or dangerous. I have found a few sites that have testimonials that come form dead people, other who give fake names. I have been fool a few times, and if I have been fool again. Don't be afraid to tell me, right away.


Your Internet Scouter,

Chick J

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Information Offerings #15 - Boogie jack

HTML, CCS. Do these terms confuse you? Scare You? Don't have a clue what they mean? These are terms for creating websites and writing blogs. If you are going to write for a website or have one, even writing simple blogs. It is handy to know a little about them.

I was writing my blog in Word. Then copy and paste it in the blog site. It look like gremlins were in my blog. Strange symbols and weird words kept showing up. ( Found out never to use Word and copy from it.)

Then The Computer Lady (See Information Offerings #8) came to my rescue. She said see Boogie Jack. He has simple, basic, easy to understand tutorials on HTML. A must for the beginner blogger.

Just go to and look around. Sign up for his ezine and right now he will give four free offerings. The Science of Getting Rich, The Ultimate Supertip, Never give up on your dreams, and The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising. (When I sign up all I got was a ebook called Disaster Preparedness Kit)

Another Found Offering from,

Chick J

Monday, March 9, 2009

Information Offerings #14 - The Copy Protege

Copywriters. I just love to read copywriters newsletters, ezine, blogs, even their ads. I enjoy how they put words together, arguments that are back by facts or emotions. (The really good ones use both.) But only good ones.

Now on May 16, 2006 I came across this ezine The Copy Protege. It is written by two young ladies, Monica Day and Krista Jones. They are up and coming super copywriters. (They might be already there.)Yes, they give excellent help and teaches hints with each letter.

But the real reason I love to read them is they talk about the problems. I mean real life headaches. Finding the receipts at tax time. Kids getting sick or themselves. Moving. Personal problems.

No matter what happens they keep on writing.

If you go to and sign up for their ezine, you will get a copy of their report; From Day One to Six Figures: Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming A Professional Copywriter. ( I think this has to be the longest title of a report I have collected.)

Your Internet Information Explorer,

Chick J

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Information Offerings #13 -

Start, learn, and begin, blog. If you ever wanted to be come a blogger (and maybe make some money with it.) This is the site for you. A pair of Australian bloggers has put together a program for you. Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak have made a series of free videos on how to become a blogger.


The internet is full of free reports, ideas, and dreams. Most are useless, some are dangerous, but a few are really worth the time to get and read. I have check out thousands of free reports and downloaded about 1% of them.

These are my favorite gifts. ( Not all are good for everyone but someone will enjoy them, maybe you.) Most of them ask for you to sign up for f*r*e*e ezines or sign up for the email ads.

My rules on offerings. I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, not again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)


These ten free video tutorials are easily watched able and explain everything well. Info like what blogger platform to use, how to get you own domain name, how to get a web host, etc. They teach the real nuts and blots of blogging.

Gideon Shalwick host these videos and he has a fine teaching voice. He is teaching but not boring.

And on top of this all they give a free report call “The Roadmap to become a blogger".
This is excellent report on the pitfalls of blogging and how to overcome them. All new bloggers or blogger wantabes, hurry over to

Your happy internet hunter,

Chick J

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just an update about what I have been doing.

Good Day Readers.

I haven't blog lately. It has been a rough week. Snowstorm, sub-zero weather, wife came down with pneumonia , grandkids, one with severe strep and the other with bronchitis and double ear infections.

I am sure you all have had weeks like this. ( And some I am sure much worse.) I plan to be back tomorrow with new site I found about blogging. It is very good.

your tired internet explorer,

Chick J

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Information Offerings #12 - A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World

Out-spoken, outrageous, ( even some say out of his mind.) Robert Ringer will make you think, agree, disagree, scream at his article, have you keep an article. You will never agree with with everything he says but you won't be bore.


" Information is powerful, life changing, helpful, and enriching.

Offerings are gifts, ideas, reports, and free."


A Voice of Sanity in an Insane World. This newsletter will always be thought-provoking. It isn't a letter for people who looks at the world with rose color glasses or dark fear ones. Robert Ringer prefers to use logic, reason and facts to see our world.

I have bought several of his books (Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves, To be Or not to be Intimidated? and others.) I have reread these books and always finding new things.

If you would like to read a person who give calm, fact fill discussion he is for you.

Go to and sign up for his newsletter , A Voice in an Insane World and you will receive his article "Robert Ringer's 20 Life-Guiding Principles".

Just a warning, if you are liberal , he will infuriate you. But read him anyways, you might learn something about yourself.

Your Internet digger,

Chick J

Friday, February 27, 2009

Information Offerings #11 - Living on a Dime

For frugal minded folks, this newsletter is for you. Tawra Kellam has written a useful and fun filled newsletter for people to save money. Ideas how to save, lots of recipes for the cooks in us.


" Information is knowledge, ideas, help and money.

Offerings are bonus, gifts, freebie, and try us. "


One of the best articles she has written is " These Hard Economic Times". It made me laugh and think what some people think are hard times. Here are two parts of this article.

" Americans spend 500 million dollars a year to just get their theeth whiten. ( Not cleaned just white.)

On a home shopping show the American Doll is going for $135 a piece. It is one of the popular items they have. ( If I pay for a $135 for a doll, it better be able to cook, clean and walk the dog.) "

If this sounds like an newsletter for you . Please go to her website http:/ Right now if you sign up she is giving a mini-email course " Five Simple Steps to Save $500 a Month on your Grocery Budget".

Your saving internet explorer,

Chick J

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Information Offerings #10 - KidsWealth

Have you ever wish that your parents had taught you how to handle money better? Do you wish that you could teach your children how to handle money? Then this website is for you.


"Information is knowledge, power, facts, help.

Offerings is a gift, sample, hope, a way out."


KidsWealth gives you the tools to teach your children. It has lessons, projects, and excellent ways of teaching your children. It is great gift for all parents, grandparents, and relatives for children.

Some gifts only give a child a moment of joy and then is forgooten. This one can last a life time.

Go on to this site. http://

Your internet digger,

Chick J


Monday, February 23, 2009

Information Offerings #9 - Wealthy Web Writer

" Information is advice, facts , knowledge, intelligence. Offerings is gift, presents, bonus, freebie. "

I am starting this blog. Trying to find ways to get more people to read this is hard. But thanks to a wonderful article in Wealthy Web Writer ,I am well on my way to a horde of readers.

WWR is edited by Rebecca Matter. She find different writers which give their take on how to write for the web.

My favorite so far is by John Wood's 25 Sites You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Here is a small sample of it.

"There are a lot of lonely blogs in this crazy online world.

Their owners had the best intentions when they started out … they prettied them up … they made them very user-friendly … and they gave them a lot of interesting things to say.

Yet hardly anyone was willing to commit to visiting their blog on a regular basis.

And because of the lack of attention their blog received, posting to it regularly was no longer a priority for their owners. Soon they stopped updating them altogether, and their blog lost any appeal it once had.

Don’t let this happen to your blog.' by John Wood

If you want to increase your readership please go to this site and sign up for the f*ee ezine and check out the archive for Oct. 29, 2008. And if you do, they will give a f*ee report “Blogging for Freedom, Money and Fame”

Your Internet Searcher,
Chick J

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Information Offerings #8 - Ask the Computer Lady

" Information is advice, facts , knowledge, intelligence.

Offerings is gift, presents, bonus, freebie. "

On April 26, 2001 I subscribe to Ask the Computer Lady. And I have been a very happy subscriber since. I believe this is my longest running subscribe I have from the internet.

Elizabeth Boston is a local writer about computers. She also owns and run a computer service for fixing and repairing them. But she doesn't use big words and technology that most computer experts uses. She write for the beginners, novices. She will answer the most simple questions without making you feel dumb. ( But she can answer the tough ones , too.)

Here is an example:

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy reading your newsletter. I have a quick question - how do I get rid of some of the icons on my desktop that I'm not using on a regular basis?

I don't want to get rid of the program itself, but I don't need all those icons on my desktop.

Thank you, Janet

Dear Janet,

You can get rid of most icons on your desktop by right-clicking on the icon and click on "Delete" on the shortcut menu that drops down.

This will delete the shortcut on your desktop, but not the program that it points to. You will still be able to access the programs using the start menu.

If you want to remove a program and not just its shortcut, you need to go to the Control Panel and open "Add/Remove Programs" un- install programs from there.


If you want to get answers about computers, please go to this website and start learning. It is very good for older people who get nervous around the youngsters that sprout terms that go way over our heads.

Your longtime internet explorer,

Chick J

I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. (I got burn once, never again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don't mind giving out my mailing adress.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

A little about me.

This is a work in process. I didn't mean to send the last blog. Having problems with it showing up right.

For some reason, words keep getting cutoff, even when I rearrange the, It is getting frustrating.

I am trying to use technology, that 15 years ago, I didn't know existed.

I started out many, many years ago writing for an apa. (That amateur press association). I printed my articles on a mimeograph machine. (That dates me.) For all you youngsters (that most of you) It was a special typewriter that cut the letters out of the paper. Then you put the paper on a roller that dip into a color liquid (It really stains your hands. You could always tell who wrote the school paper by looking at the hands.) If you were talented with an exacto knife you could make cool designs.

Sp please remember I am a novice at the moment. But I will get better. Be back tomorrow with another offering.

An oldie but newbie,

Chick J

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Information Offerings #7 - Dr. Mardy's Quotes of the Week

“Information is advice, facts, knowledge, intelligence.

Offering is gift, present, bonus, freebie.”

Do you like good quotes? Interesting facts? Then Dr. Mardy’s

newsletter is for you. Every week I look forward to his

fascinating research.

First he has THIS WEEK'S PUZZLER: Which could be
anyone in history.
Then he gives his picks for CHIEF PHILOSOPHICAL OFFICERS:
Each week it is on a subject of his choice. This week
the topic is courage.
Here is one of his picks.
"Courage is being scared to death--
and saddling up anyway."
          John Wayne.
 Then he finds a person in history to
import some more great quotes.
Like Richard Feynman, one of the most
brilliant theoretical physicists of our time.
 And still he finds more wonderful quotes
to think and mull over.

Stop by this site and get this newsletter.
Your Internet junkie,

Chick J.

I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once,

never again.)

2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.

3. I will not give out my phone number or cell.

( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)

Now if anyone would like me to review or just comment an Information Offering, I would be glad to do. Just email me at And if you would like to comment my review just write below. (Please do!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Information Offerings 6 - iwill teachyoutoberich

“Information is advice, facts, knowledge, intelligence.

Offering is gift, present, bonus, freebie.”

I have read many newsletters that try to teach you how to be thrifty. Usually with tips like if you wash your coffee filter you can reuse at least 7 times. You will (since coffee filters cost a penny a piece) save $3.13 a year!!! I find my time is worth more then the money I would save.

Ramit Sethi has much better ideas. He show ways to save real money. And when you cut the budget to the bone, here what he says.

“Lots of frugality people complain that they can’t cut costs any more. They’re right, of course. When you’ve cut to the bone, there’s only one thing to do: Earn more money. Take a part-time job. Freelance. Babysit. Whatever it takes.

The tough part? There are no pithy to-dos on how to earn more. You just have to think hard and try different things. A very unsatisfying answer…but also true.”

---Ramit Sethi--

He really straight with you. A very refreshing and interesting website.

Please get his fr** report: "20 questions your financially unprepared friends are scared of." Read it and have your friends read, too. Be prepared to wince.

Your Internet searcher,

Chick J

I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, never again.)

2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.

3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)

Now if anyone would like me to review or just comment an Information Offering, I would be glad to do. Just email me at And if you would like to comment my review just write below. (Please do!)