Friday, May 8, 2009

Information Offerings #39 - For the Love of the Dog

" They are Man's Best Friend. Are We Theirs?" An excellent tagline. And my answer is yes. But unfortunately too many aren't.

Deanna Raeke is a dog lover and wants to make people aware of the plights of dogs, whether it is puppy mills, toxic chemicals, or just cruel people.

But this blog really celebrates the joy of our canine friends. she has section on writings about dogs and poetry, too. Dogs are wonderful because they can make you laugh and smile. Of course she has a dog humor section.

Sign up for this terrific blog and you will receive A Dog's Philosophy on Life. Her site is come on all you dog lovers and dog lovers to be. Nothing is more beautiful is the first time a young child hold a puppy.

A dog's friend,
Chick J

P.S. Check this out "Ten Signs Your Dog is Smarter than You " at ""

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