Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Information Offerings #38 - Attraction Mind Map

" Attract Abundance With Your Mind " This is Evelyn Lim's website from Singapore.

(When I was younger, I would have love to have a penpal from Singapore. I would have love the stamps. Nowadays I meet online people from all over the world. and sometime I take it for granted. It is pretty incredible, really.)

Her goal is to help people attract abundance through the "Secret" video. but she has also learn form NLP, Silva, EFT, and other esoteric method.

Her blogs are different but thought making. Today's blog is about being a sparrow. Yesterday's blogs was going from outer space to inner space.

If you go to, you can get her ebook " How to Manifest What You Want" for free. and she has other gifts, too.

( I wonder if I can attract more readers?)

Always looking for new blogs,
Chick J

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