Monday, April 6, 2009

Information Offerings #25 - MarCom Strategist

I search the world wide web. I find websites in New Zealand, Australia, and many others places. But I never thought I would find one just a couple towns over from where I live. DH Communications, Plastow, NH.

Dianna Huff is a B2B marketing expert. (Which isn't Blog To Blog) It means Business to Business marketing. And to get a taste of web marketing she has this excellent free report " A Web Marketing Tookit".

She also has client case studies examples and success stories. If you want to learn more about B2B for your company, this is the place to start.(and finish.)

She teaches how to a better blogger, to set up newsletters.

Go to and check it out. And sign up for her MarCom Strategist Ezine.(I didn't know at the time but she has work for Thermo Fisher Scientific, my workplace.)

Your Blog to Blog searcher,
Chick J

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