Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Information Offerings #35 - Conversation Marketing

"Common Sense Internet Marketing" . One thing I do when I am checking out blogs or website to see if they have a tagline, catch phase, or short elvator speech. A good tagline line makes me want to stop and read. Now Conversation Marketing with Ian Lurie first caught my eye because of the title but his tagline made me want to read it.

"Conversation Marketing is a living thing - I'm not done with it. Neither is anyone else." is another of his quotes. It tells me that he going to learn more and hopefully pass it on to me.

Ever read anything that is funny but still is true? Ian Lurie has written this exceptional post. 13Ways To Generate Customer Hate. ( .) I am cracking up at my desk. Are you doing these things, too? You will just love it.

If you are into marketing, blogging, business check Ian Lurie's Conversation Marketing at

Still laughing at 13 Ways To Generate Customer Hate,
Chick J

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