Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Information Offerings #15 - Boogie jack

HTML, CCS. Do these terms confuse you? Scare You? Don't have a clue what they mean? These are terms for creating websites and writing blogs. If you are going to write for a website or have one, even writing simple blogs. It is handy to know a little about them.

I was writing my blog in Word. Then copy and paste it in the blog site. It look like gremlins were in my blog. Strange symbols and weird words kept showing up. ( Found out never to use Word and copy from it.)

Then The Computer Lady (See Information Offerings #8) came to my rescue. She said see Boogie Jack. He has simple, basic, easy to understand tutorials on HTML. A must for the beginner blogger.

Just go to and look around. Sign up for his ezine and right now he will give four free offerings. The Science of Getting Rich, The Ultimate Supertip, Never give up on your dreams, and The Encyclopedia of Free Online Advertising. (When I sign up all I got was a ebook called Disaster Preparedness Kit)

Another Found Offering from,

Chick J

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