Friday, March 27, 2009

Information Offerings #21 - How To Box

Boxing. Either you hated it or think it barbaric or you love worshiping the fine art of two people testing their skills against each other. Now I seen and heard people who hate boxing but love going to martial arts events. Make no sense to me. Boxing is a skill and art. It teaches discipline, endurance, sportsman skills and self confidence. Not to mention it can keep you in great shape.

Aaron Luhning is the creator and writng of this excellent blog/website on Boxing.

The site has sections on Learn to box, Boxing Gear and Equipment, Boxing History, and much more. If you want to know more about boxing or improve yourself go

. And he will send you a 15 free boxing lessons the will give the basics on this misunderstood sport.


My goal is to tell you about a new website that will interest you and give you an offering, (free ebook, free report, maybe a software tool, etc.) All these sites I have already try myself. I will not give you site that are misleading, fake, or dangerous. I have found a few sites that have testimonials that come form dead people, other who give fake names. I have been fool a few times, and if I have been fool again. Don't be afraid to tell me, right away.


Your Finder of Different Website ( But all good, so far.),
Chick J

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