Friday, March 13, 2009

Information Offerings #16 - Writings for Dollars

Writing. Selling your articles. But where? And how? Well, go to Writing for Dollars. this website/ezine will help you. Dan Case the editor finds excellent writers with ideas, help, and what to do.

Every week he gives a list of magazines that are looking for writers and articles. He give the guidelines or sends you to their website for what they are looking for. He also give a rough idea of what they pay, too.

If you are a writer looking for places to write for or even someone that wants to try their hand at writing. Then go to and sign up for his ezine. And you will get a bonus. An e-book 83 Ways to Make Money Writng.


My goal is to tell you about a new website that will interest you and give you an offering, (free ebook, free report, maybe a software tool, etc.) All these sites I have already try myself. I will not give you site that are misleading, fake, or dangerous. I have found a few sites that have testimonials that come form dead people, other who give fake names. I have been fool a few times, and if I have been fool again. Don't be afraid to tell me, right away.


Your Internet Scouter,

Chick J

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