Saturday, March 21, 2009

Information Offerings #18 - Ron White's Ezine

Remember studying for those history tests? All those dates and places to know? Now for Ron White that would be a walk in the park. A very short walk that is.

He is the 2009 USA Memory Champion. To win he set two new national records. One he memorized a full deck of cards in 1 minute and 27 seconds. Then in just 5 short minutes he memorize a 167-digit number!

95632587448965147589 This is an example of a 167 long number. ( Pretty big isn't?)

His specialty is teaching you how to train your memory. He is also a great speaker and sales men.

If you would like to check him out go to And he will give you a copy of his ebook. 22 Success Lessons From Baseball by Ron White

Your Internet (maybe he can remember his 9 digit SS #) searcher,

Chick J

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