Monday, February 23, 2009

Information Offerings #9 - Wealthy Web Writer

" Information is advice, facts , knowledge, intelligence. Offerings is gift, presents, bonus, freebie. "

I am starting this blog. Trying to find ways to get more people to read this is hard. But thanks to a wonderful article in Wealthy Web Writer ,I am well on my way to a horde of readers.

WWR is edited by Rebecca Matter. She find different writers which give their take on how to write for the web.

My favorite so far is by John Wood's 25 Sites You Can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. Here is a small sample of it.

"There are a lot of lonely blogs in this crazy online world.

Their owners had the best intentions when they started out … they prettied them up … they made them very user-friendly … and they gave them a lot of interesting things to say.

Yet hardly anyone was willing to commit to visiting their blog on a regular basis.

And because of the lack of attention their blog received, posting to it regularly was no longer a priority for their owners. Soon they stopped updating them altogether, and their blog lost any appeal it once had.

Don’t let this happen to your blog.' by John Wood

If you want to increase your readership please go to this site and sign up for the f*ee ezine and check out the archive for Oct. 29, 2008. And if you do, they will give a f*ee report “Blogging for Freedom, Money and Fame”

Your Internet Searcher,
Chick J

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