Saturday, February 21, 2009

Information Offerings #8 - Ask the Computer Lady

" Information is advice, facts , knowledge, intelligence.

Offerings is gift, presents, bonus, freebie. "

On April 26, 2001 I subscribe to Ask the Computer Lady. And I have been a very happy subscriber since. I believe this is my longest running subscribe I have from the internet.

Elizabeth Boston is a local writer about computers. She also owns and run a computer service for fixing and repairing them. But she doesn't use big words and technology that most computer experts uses. She write for the beginners, novices. She will answer the most simple questions without making you feel dumb. ( But she can answer the tough ones , too.)

Here is an example:

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy reading your newsletter. I have a quick question - how do I get rid of some of the icons on my desktop that I'm not using on a regular basis?

I don't want to get rid of the program itself, but I don't need all those icons on my desktop.

Thank you, Janet

Dear Janet,

You can get rid of most icons on your desktop by right-clicking on the icon and click on "Delete" on the shortcut menu that drops down.

This will delete the shortcut on your desktop, but not the program that it points to. You will still be able to access the programs using the start menu.

If you want to remove a program and not just its shortcut, you need to go to the Control Panel and open "Add/Remove Programs" un- install programs from there.


If you want to get answers about computers, please go to this website and start learning. It is very good for older people who get nervous around the youngsters that sprout terms that go way over our heads.

Your longtime internet explorer,

Chick J

I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. (I got burn once, never again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don't mind giving out my mailing adress.)

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