Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Information Offerings #3 - Bob Bly's Direct Response Letter

“Information is advice, facts, knowledge, intelligence.

Offering is gift, present, bonus, freebie.”

The Bob Bly’s Direct Response Letter is a must for anyone who wants to knows about great copywriting. Robert Bly is one of the best copywriters today. He is not into flowery writing, bragging, or cutting down others. He just tells how to write great copy. Blunt, straight forward, simple and compelling.

When I read Bob Bly’s writings, the very old TV show Dragnet comes to mind. I can hear him saying “ Just the facts, Madam. Just the facts.” As he writes.

If you go to his website you can snatch a copy of his writing.

"How to Double Your Response Rates At Half The Cost" by going to But his e-zine is worth reading, too.

I do not sign up for any offerings that:

1. I have to put up a credit card. ( I got burn once, never again.)
2. Or pay for any shipping/handling, etc.
3. I will not give out my phone number or cell. ( I don’t mind giving out my mailing address.)

Your copywriter wannabe,
Chick J

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