Friday, February 13, 2009

Information Offerings #4 - The Leo Quinn Letter

I have always seen those ads in blogs, websites, and ezines. I have read how people sell space on their blogs. I was never sure or had much confidence to try. But one day my letter from Leo Quinn said .

"I liked the idea and I have a blog that makes a little extra

but I had no idea how to set one up. (someone did

it for me a few years ago)

So I decided to figure out how to do it and I

made a video of the process."

So I watch it and lo and behold I have a blog with ads!! (No I haven’t made any money yet.) I am learning how to size the ads, place them, and watch the diagnostics. Really enjoying myself and learning a lot.

I also found out it takes a little longer to set up adsense then what the video gave the impression. But that the fun of learning. I learning how to set up templates, write better, to try different fonts and formats.

Leo Quinn is budget helper, tester, many different ideas. He had a site call Leo test lab where is actually tries out some of the money get rich schemes and let us know how they do. Try this site and get his newsletter

I just got a e-book call Seed Money from Leo. He has quite a few offerings on his websites.

As you will find out, this blog will go through changes as I keep learning new and old ideas. (And trying them.) Come along for the ride.

Your Internet explorer,

Chick J


  1. Chick,
    There are some interesting resources here. I'm looking forward to reading more from youin the future.

  2. Thank you for reading this. It made my day.