Friday, February 27, 2009

Information Offerings #11 - Living on a Dime

For frugal minded folks, this newsletter is for you. Tawra Kellam has written a useful and fun filled newsletter for people to save money. Ideas how to save, lots of recipes for the cooks in us.


" Information is knowledge, ideas, help and money.

Offerings are bonus, gifts, freebie, and try us. "


One of the best articles she has written is " These Hard Economic Times". It made me laugh and think what some people think are hard times. Here are two parts of this article.

" Americans spend 500 million dollars a year to just get their theeth whiten. ( Not cleaned just white.)

On a home shopping show the American Doll is going for $135 a piece. It is one of the popular items they have. ( If I pay for a $135 for a doll, it better be able to cook, clean and walk the dog.) "

If this sounds like an newsletter for you . Please go to her website http:/ Right now if you sign up she is giving a mini-email course " Five Simple Steps to Save $500 a Month on your Grocery Budget".

Your saving internet explorer,

Chick J

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