Friday, June 5, 2009

Information Offerings #48 - No Debt Plan

" Put of Debt and Building Wealth"

Why another get debt-free plan? Because maybe the first one I wrote didn't fit your personalty. There are many good sites that can help you get out of debt. Just like there are many sites that can help you blog better, mediate easier, teach you a sport or music. But if you don't like the style or voice of the site you will never listen or take the advice.

Now this one is a very good site to check out. read the No Debt Plan at If you like this, check Kevin 's blog at

Here is quote from him which I whole heartily agreed.

"I believe that American education system does an inadequate job of preparing its citizens on money. We unleash high school seniors on the world without any knowledge of how badly they can wreck their lives by opening up that first credit card offer."

Think of the Kids,
Chick J

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