Monday, November 16, 2009

Information Offerings #59 - Viperchill

Great tagline " Hey, I'm Glen. I make my living online while traveling the world and I want to help you do the same."

This is an old blog that just has been kick into high gear. Glen is also the creator of PluginID which is one of my favorite blogs to read. It is a more personal friendly site.

On the other hand Viperchill is an all out assault in training you in the world of blogs. It doesn't matter which type, this is the nuts and bolts and fuel to blog.

It is still very early, only a few articles but those fews are worth studying. So get over to Viperchill at and meet Glen.

(I just love the name. The name, Viperchill, alone seems to imply speeds at frighting thoughts. )

Looking for the bests blogs,
Chick J

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